Ancient Egyptian History Timeline

Ancient Egyptian History Timeline
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4000 B.C. Papyrus is used as a writing material in ancient Egypt.

3500 B.C. the civilization around the Nile is formed.

Around 3200 B.C. hieroglyphs are invented. Hieroglyphs are pictographs of animals and objects that stand for different letters.

3100 B.C. upper and lower Egypt form, then they are joined together by a king named Narmer to become Egypt.  Hieroglyphics are invented.

2700 B.C. The first stone pyramid is built.

2600 B.C. The pyramids of Giza are built. Among us, there is speculation that aliens created the sphinx and the pyramids. Evidence shows that Egyptians created these giant structures.

2200 B.C.  Various kings ruled Egypt.

2100 B.C.  Mentuhotep II gains control over the country

1798 Napoleon invades Egypt.

1799 a French captain named Pierre Bouchard discovered the Rosetta Stone which was carved with the same text in two languages, Egyptian and Greek. This allowed the scientists of that time to find out the hieroglyphic alphabet.

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