King Tut's Tomb

King Tut's Tomb

Today I learned about the grave of king King Tut who is was said to be the richest king of Egypt. I will tell you 3 things that I learned about his grave.

  1. Egyptians believed that if you put a model boat in your tomb it would take you to the underworld, so in his grave, archaeologists found a model boat.
  2. King Tut's treasure has a value of 15,000,000 USD and almost all of the objects in his tomb, are covered in gold.
  3. King Tutankhamun built his tomb so that if an earthquake happened rocks would fall off and cover the entrance.

From King Tut's tomb, I learned that he believed in life after death, that he was very rich, and that he was smart and found a way to stop robbers from taking his treasure.

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