How the Digestive System Works

How the Digestive System Works

Whenever you eat food, it goes into your digestive system.

In your mouth, there are glands that squirt saliva onto your food, thus making it easy to chew. After this, the chewed up food goes into your stomach where acid breaks it down and sends it through the small intestines.

The small intestines have finger-like projections called villi that send the food molecules into the blood stream thus converting it into energy. The intestines send the unusable food molecules which have some water in them into the large intestines, where the water is removed. The waste from the large intestines is sent through the anus where it is secreted out of your body.

What not to do to keep your digestive system healthy.

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  1. Don't eat too quickly  
  2. Don't eat fruits with other foods
  3. Don't overcook your food
  4. Don't drink cold water before eating
  5. Don't overeat
  6. Don's sleep right after eating

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