What's Endangering Animals

What's Endangering Animals

Some animals like elephants, lions, and zebras are endangered, in this article I will inform you how they got into this status.


In the case of the elephants, the main reason they are endangered is humans. Some poachers hunt these magnificent creatures for their tusks, which are made of ivory, and for their thick skin. Humans are also responsible for taking away the habitat of the elephants, their grasslands, for cattle grazing.


The main threat to lions are trophy hunters and poachers who kill lions for fun and money. Another reason that they're endangered is because of habitat loss and the hunting of their prey. Usually found in Africa, lions hunt and live in groups, very much like wolf packs.


Zebras can be found in Africa or in captivity in zoos. Most wild zebras travel in herds and stick together. Because of farmers barricading some territory and taking water out of rivers where these stripy animals drank water, they became endangered.

Blue Macaws

Blue macaws and other macaws in general are endangered because their habitat is being destroyed. Another reason they are endangered is because they are being taken and being held in captivity by humans.