Two Poems

Two Poems

These are two poems written by me to demonstrate poetry types. I will write a bio poem and a limerick.

Bio Poem: About Me

Who is smart, creative, and funny (I hope).
Who is the brother of Paul.
Who likes Minecraft, rock music, and hiking.
Who feels bored, out of ideas, and slightly tired.
Who needs push-ups, cheese, and milk.
Who fears a power outage, famine, and breaking something.
Who would like to see England, the Sahara, and Japan.
Who is a game dev, writer, and professional mower of lawns;
Who is a resident of Tennessee and Romania;

Limerick: Minecraft Rocks!

An interesting game is Minecraft,
Anyone who thinks it's boring is quite daft,
You can mine,
But you can't make wine,
And sometimes you can find a mineshaft!