Whenever a thunderstorm happens, lightning sometimes flashes and thunder booms overhead. Today I are going to cover how lightning forms and what it is.

Lightning usually forms when there are many small pieces of ice in a cloud. When they bump into each other, they create a positive electric charge. At the bottom of the cloud there are negative charges which attract the positive charges thus creating lightning.

Lightning is a small flash of electricity made by a thunderstorm All thunderstorms produce what we know as lightning, and it can be very deadly. When you hear thunder that means that you are in danger of being struck by lightning. Lightning strikes kill more people than a hurricane does, around 75 - 100 people per year.

Some forms of lightning are cloud-to-ground lightning, ball lightning, high-altitude lightning, forked lightning, and intercloud lightning.

Whenever you hear thunder, find shelter lest you could get struck by lightning!