The Tear System (Lacrimal Apparatus)

The Tear System (Lacrimal Apparatus)

This system of the body is used to keep our eyes moisturized. If the eyes go dry, we go blind. There are a few parts of this system:

    • The Eyes are organs used for seeing.
    • Lacrimal glands are located behind the upper corner of the eyes and make the salty water that becomes tears.
    • Meibomian glands on the edges of the eyelids produce oil that mixes with the water from the lacrimal glands to become tears.
    • Lacrimal puncta are what pump tears out of the eyes.
    • Lacrimal sacs in the inside corner of the eye collect tears that drain out of the eyes through your lacrimal puncta.
    • Nasolacrimal ducts are tear ducts that drain tears out of the eyes into the nose.

The eyes have a few types of cells, here are the two most important ones:

    • Photoreceptors detect light and turn it into an electrical signal
    • Retinal Ganglion Cells receive signals from photoreceptors and transmit them to the brain through the optic nerve.

A tissue that can be found in the eye is:

    • Retinal Pigment Epithelium helps the photoreceptor cells survive and function well.