The Potato Experiment

The Potato Experiment

Today, I will do an experiment involving a potato. In this experiment, I will find out how salinity affects whether a potato slice floats or sinks.


I think that the potato slice will not float in the fresh water, but will float as I add more salt into the water.


First, I put the potato slice in fresh water. The potato slice sank to the bottom. Next, I added one teaspoon of salt, but forgot to remove the potato slice from the cup. I added another teaspoon, but then realized that I didn't remove the potato slice from the cup, so I removed it and put it back in. It did float. I decided to try again with only one teaspoon, and it floated.


My hypothesis was proved because the potato slice didn't float in fresh water, but did after I added one teaspoon of salt in 1.3 cups (0.31 l).