The Most Important Renaissance Discovery (My Opinion)

The Most Important Renaissance Discovery (My Opinion)

The Renaissance was an important period because of the many inventions and discoveries that happened in it. Some significant discoveries and inventions were: The heliocentric solar system, the printing press, paperback books, a flying machine, a parachute, the New World, and (most importantly) ice cream!

Today, I will talk about one of the most influential discoveries of the Renaissance: The New World. In fact, most of you probably live in America, which (if you haven't heard) was discovered by the masterful Italian sailor Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was the son of a wool merchant in Genoa; he wanted to go out to sea. Christopher taught himself how to sail.

However, Columbus thought that by sailing west instead of East, he might make it to the Indies by a safer route than through the clutches of the Ottomans.

Unfortunately, no one believed him at home, so he decided to go to the Portuguese to try his luck at getting a ship there. No one wanted to fund such an expensive and (in their eyes) pointless expedition, so no one funded him.

Finally, Columbus went to the Spanish, who funded his expedition. He set off, eventually finding land, but this was not India, but a new continent! When he found out, he claimed the land for Spain and became the First Governor of the Indies.

I think this is the most important discovery of the Renaissance because I live in America, the country to which many other people came to live and prosper away from the crowded Europe. Another reason was that gold found there was used to fund the war against the Ottomans, who were busy attempting to take over Europe. Plus, two entire continents was plenty of space for people to expand and find cheaper ways to cultivate once-expensive crops, like sugar. There are many other reasons why this discovery was significant, which I will not write down here.