The Corrupted King Play

The Corrupted King Play




Mihai: Servant, Swordsman, and boy

Paul: King, guard, cook, dad


The king's castle and the peasants home.

The First Act:

In the Dream

King: "Oh, mine knight, avenge me!"

Swordsman: "Oh noble king, why doth thou require assistance, you knave?"

Guard: "OH, you foul rascal, you have disrespected the king! PREPARE TO DIE"

Swordsman: "Oh my, I was merely asking in jest, mine king, please forgive thine humble servant."

The king utters a growl and leaps upon the swordsman!
He sees that the king turns into a zombie!

Zombie King (in corrupted speech): "Die imbecilic pig!"

Swordsman: "Call the guards, the king has gone mad!"

Infected Guard: "NeIgH ThEe Orrible persssson thooou shaltt dthie"

The King bites the swordsman and corrupts him!

In the Peasant Home

Little Boy (shrieking): "DADDY, I HAD THE WORST DREAM EVER!"

Dad: "What was it?"

Little Boy: "it was about the king being corrupted!"

Dad: "It's okay son, the king is alright, I hope..."


In the Castle

King: "Swordsman, come inside this room at once!"

Swordsman: "Yes, my king, what do you require?"

King: "Tell me how many more knights are being infected?"

Swordsman: "Thirty, sir, the castle is under siege.

King: "Tell the troops that – Aghhhhh"

A zombie steps out from behind the throne and bites the King's neck.

Swordsman: "RUN, the king has been corrupted!"

Guard: "YES SIR!"

The guards in the room and the swordsman rush out of the room, and close the door. Right then, a wave of zombies rushes into the city, and wipes it off the face of the earth.

Guard: "Well, the kingdom is laid to waste, we might as well leave."

Second Guard: "Aye, I think it is useless to hang around a ruined kingdom."

Guard: "Do you know where the farmers kept their supplies?"

Second Guard: "Yes, they keep the food in that house over there"

The two guards take whatever they can find inside the house, then they leave towards Deltas to warn their people of what was coming.

The End!