The Life of William Shakespeare

The Life of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and was the son of James Shakespeare.

His father was a town official, so William was educated for free at the school in the town.

Later, he got married to Anne Hathaway and went to live in London to work in some of the more famous theaters as a horse attendant (back then, people used horses, and they had to be taken care of while the master was watching theater).

Shakespeare got a better job around this time when he started doing two things. He wrote a few plays, like "Venus and Adonis" (1593) and "The Rape of Lucrece" (1594) that became quite successful and got hired by the Lord Chamberlain's Men, one of the best theaters in England at that time. He continued writing plays and often helped act them out himself.

He became famous when he wrote the play Romeo and Juliet and then continued writing dramas. He was often inspired by historical events, like the lives of some kings (Henry VI, Richard II, and Henry V), or just made the stories up himself (Hamlet, Mcbeth). He also wrote several comedies (like All's Well that Ends Well) and tragicomedies (The Tempest).

He died in 1616, after 52 years and 37 published plays.