The Harappan Times

The Harappan Times

Toilets in the Suburbs

Today we are back with the Harappan Times, and we are going to be talking about the newest invention: the toilet. Our smartest inventor, Aabavaanan, has invented this revolutionary device. It is a device that lets you store the excretions of your body out of the city without having to walk outside.

The New King of Harappa

A new king has begun ruling our city. He gives freely to the poor and takes care of the homeless but I think he is fattening the lambs for the slaughter. No other king has been this nice, so I suspect he is planning a devious act of cruelty.

A Flood? A Flood!

A rumor has begun to spread about a flood that is going to happen. People think that this is going to take place because of massive storm clouds rolling in from the east.  I hear it shall be of grand scale and shall destroy our land. Personally, I do not think this is going to occur because the clouds are drifting away while I am writing this.