The Hardy Boys: The Shore Road Mystery Plot

The Hardy Boys: The Shore Road Mystery Plot


The mystery takes place in the small town of Bayport, NY where Frank, Joe, and Fenton Hardy live.


The conflict starts when Joe and Frank take up a case with their father Fenton Hardy about some illegal gas dealers and stolen cars.

The Rising Action

The Hardy boys have a plan: all of the cars that have been stolen were all older models so they would hide in the trunk of an old car and wait for it to be stolen. After a long time, a robber finally steals the car and takes the boys to the hideout.  


The Hardy boys find the dealers' hideout but get captured by some crooks also their friend Chet was captured.

Falling Action

Fenton Hardy disguises himself as a ship's captain "helps" bring poisonous gas to the hideout then saves the boys and leads the police to the hideout.


Slowly but surely life in Bayport goes back to normal.