The Childhood of Paris

The Childhood of Paris

A Greek Myth

Once upon a time, the king of Troy had a son who was named Paris. One night the queen had a nightmare in which her son was burning down her city. People in the time of Ancient Greece believed that dreams were messages from the “gods,” of what would happen in the future.

Because of this horrid dream, the parents of Paris threw him into a forest so that wild beasts would devour him. Alas and alack, this plan did not work, and Paris was discovered by a sheepherder who adopted him.

Some years later Paris competes in the Olympic Games being held in Troy where he wins. The king and queen realize that the person who had won the Olympics was their son whom they had abandoned in the forest. After apologizing for abandoning him, the king and queen of Troy adopt him.

After being adopted, Paris goes to the kingdom's neighbor, Sparta, where he sees the king's wife Helen. The prince falls in love with her, and he kidnapped her. When the king of Sparta came back home he sees that his wife is gone so he wages war against Troy.