The Body's Joints

The Body's Joints
Photo by Harlie Raethel / Unsplash

In your body, there are many types of joints such as hinge joints, ball and socket joints, pivot joints, ellipsoid joints, and gliding joints.

The hinge joint is in your knees and the middle and top segments of your fingers. They can only move back and forth.

Ball and socket joints are located in your hips and shoulders. They can rotate in place.

Pivot joints are the joints located in your neck. It rotates around a fixed point.

Ellipsoid joints are the joints located in the lower part of the finger. They move in two directions without rotating.  

The saddle joints are the joints located in your thumb. It rotates in only two directions.

The gliding joint is located in your hand. They slip over one and another.

These joints are important to our body since they allow you to move in all directions and do very specialized actions.