Tarzan Of The Apes Plot

Tarzan Of The Apes Plot


John Clayton and his wife Alice are sent by the queen of England to Africa to find a good place to settle. After experiencing a mutiny the couple is left on an island by the captain of the ship they are sailing on. Later they have a baby on the island and both die due to sickness.



The baby was attacked by the angry chief of the bull apes but the wee child was saved by an ape called Kala who took care of him like her own child.

Rising Action

A party of treasure hunters goes to Africa to find some treasure. The crew of their ship kills the captain and maroons the poor travelers on the nearest island. There they find the old cabin of former John Clayton. Inside this relic of the past, they find the skeletons of John and his wife Alice. The castaways give the couple a proper burial and separate the cabin into two parts using a sailcloth.

One of the party wanders away from his friends and almost gets killed by a lion but Tarzan saves him.

A French ship stumbles across the location of Tarzan's island and the crew sees the survivors. They send out a boat to save the refugees but Jane is missing, so they send a rescue party and find her maid lying on the ground unconscious. They wake her up and she says that an ape took her mistress and ran away through the jungle. Tarzan hears the scream that the maid lets out and tracks the ape through the treetops. He catches up to him, kills it, then takes Jane to his jungle home.


Tarzan learns to speak French from one of the French sailors and pays for passage on a boat to Paris off the island where he lived. He goes from there to Wisconsin, America, and finds Jane there getting married to Robert Canler. She loved another man but was smothered in debt which forced her to get married to him.

Tarzan arrives just in time to save Jane and her family from a wildfire that is going towards the house they live in. He chokes Robert Canler half to death to make him release Jane from her promise to marry him.

Falling Action

Tarzan gives Jane's dad 240 million dollars worth of gold that he found on the island. Then he leaves, and Jane gets married to William Cecil Clayton, Tarzan's uncle.


Everybody lives happily ever after.

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