Tarzan Of The Apes Characters

Tarzan Of The Apes Characters

About the characters at the beginning of the book:

John Clayton

John Clayton, also known as Lord Greystoke is sent to Africa by the queen of England to find a good place to start a colony. On his ship, a mutiny occurs which ends up getting him marooned with his wife on an island.  

Lady Alice

The wife of Lord Greystoke gets marooned with John Clayton on an island by the crew of the ship they are sailing on.

Black Michael

One of the crew of the ship starts a mutiny and kills the captain, Mr. Billings. The reason for the mutiny is because the captain mistreated the crew. Black Michael does not hurt John Clayton because he was saved by him from death by stopping the captain from shooting him.


An ape saves Tarzan from the chief of her tribe Kerchak, she also takes care of Tarzan when he was just a wee toddler. She is a good mother that loves to protect her "son".

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The energetic son of Kala, he loves to invent things, swing around in the trees, and play pranks on his friends and family. He also loves torturing his pops Tublat who hates him, like, when he invented the noose and managed to throw it over his dad's shoulder and almost choke him to death. He managed to enter his father's cabin and discover a knife. He learned how to read and write all by himself, he is very smart.

Tarzan slays Sabor, takes her skin to his tribe, and gains a lot of fame. Kerchak is envious and tries to maul Tarzan but gets killed by the tribe's hero. Because he kills the chief he becomes chief in his place.

He is a protector of the weak, he saved Jane from an ape that tried to hurt her.


He is the mate of Kala who does not like his "son" Tarzan at all. When Tarzan was a baby, Tublat tried to hurt him in various ways but could not since Kala watched him all the time. He once tried to kill the baby in its sleep but could not without hurting Kala.


Sabor is a lioness who loves hunting Tarzan's tribe of Bull Apes. She loves targeting only Tarzan because he is the weakest of the tribe. She is cruel and only hunts the weakest of her enemies, she is a bully.  She tried to sneak through the woods to find Tarzan but was caught by the boy with a noose and was almost choked to death.  She thinks Tarzan is weak because he is less tall and does not have fangs like the bull apes.

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He is a brutal Bull Ape who is the chieftain of Tarzan's tribe and loves to eat his enemies. He hates his enemies and is feared across the entire island. After he killed one of his worst enemies he held a special ceremony in which all the males would eat a little bit out of the body. He is not a bully like Sabor because he attacks only the gorillas who are his worst enemies and who are as strong as him.  

Jane Porter

Is part of an exploration party that went to find buried treasure. She gets saved from a giant ape by Tarzan and thus falls in love with the giant man. She very kind to her dad. Her dad begged her to come with him treasure hunting so she listned to his plea.