The Evil Lair In the School Basement

The Evil Lair In the School Basement

(This story is heavily inspired by Hypixel Skyblock. The fight at the end is inspired by the Professor boss fight)

Aldrelm woke up to the sound of a car backing into the driveway. He looked out the window and saw a black 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe slowly backing into his dad's garage. He heard a crash as the car disappeared into the garage, followed by his father's angry shouts. Then, all was quiet. He counted to seven, then heard: "AL, GET DOWN HERE AND HELP ME OUT!!!". "Just a normal Wednesday", then, Aldrelm thought.

Later, Aldrelm got in his school uniform, a long black robe with the symbol, an open tome inlaid with gold letters. He got in his red Toyota AE86 and started the almost hour-long drive to The Mage Academy in Dallas, Texas.

When he arrived at school, he discovered that it was Library Day, a day in which the students, instead of going to their classes and studying, would roam around the library, helping teachers put back books or reading. Aldrelm had no intention of doing manual labor, and as he didn't learn a levitation spell yet, he decided to slink off and find a good book before anyone asked him for help.

A few minutes later, Aldrelm was in a dark corner near the Dark Arts section of the library (why the school had one, he didn't know) with a book on levitation spells on the table. He took out his personal tome and started jotting down some notes. Then, he thought he saw a figure in the darkness. "Who's there?, Aldrelm asked without taking his eyes off his tome. After getting no reply, he continued reading.

After about five minutes, it hit him: He was sitting near the Dark Arts section. Anyone going to the Dark Arts section would probably be studying them. And a shadowy figure roaming the library is just a little suspicious, ESPECIALLY around the Dark Arts section. He decided to find out what was going on here.

After putting his things back in the backpack, he started walking around the library, searching for the dark figure. After an hour or so, he spotted it crouching behind a bookshelf. He used an invisibility spell and followed the dark figure to a dark staircase in the back of the library.

Then, the dark figure melted into the darkness of the dark staircase and DISAPPEARED. Aldrelm heard a door slamming down the staircase and decided to investigate. He saw a plaque on the door, reading:

Abinus' Secret Evil Lair and Laboratory where he commits animal cruelty and breaks many international laws

Upon seeing this plaque, Aldrelm decided to enter the evil lab\lair\basement, so he started going down the stairs. When he got to the door, he heard an evil cackling and a sinister voice crack. Aldrelm peeked through the keyhole and saw the dark figure standing in the middle of an indistinguishable room with a dog. It looked exactly like a poodle, but it was shadowy and had glowing red eyes.

The dog looked at the door and barked. Then, with an ill-boding yelp, it started wagging its tail and ran towards the door, sniffing at the lock. Aldrelm knew the dark dog smelled him. Then, Abinus came to the door and said in a patronizing voice, "What's wrong, Floofles?"

"What kind of evil sorcerer calls his dog Floofles?" Aldrelm thought. Then he heard Abinus' voice, "Come, here, Floofles, let's go and see what we can find in the fridge." Aldrelm heard Abinus going into another room with his dog, so he decided to enter the evil lair.

He saw a large room with a red carpet in the middle. Three leather sofas were arranged in a square pattern with one side missing on the right side. A large TV was resting on a stand on the right wall of the room. The floor was made of wooden planks, and he saw a Wi-Fi router on a tabletop.

"This place doesn't look so evil", Aldrelm thought.

A large bookcase was also visible, and he saw many books crammed into it, one of which was "How to Be an Evil Genius – a Guide to Setting Up an Evil Lair, Hiring Henchmen, and Perfecting the Sinister Cackle". Aldrelm heard the door opening again and dove behind a large potted plant. However, he bumped the plant while diving behind it and it fell down.

"HEY, WHATCHA DOIN' IN MY HOUSE???" Abinus shouted on seeing Aldrelm.

"Uhh… I'm the… plumber… I came to… fix your sink?" Aldrelm replied.


The dark dog ran up to Aldrelm, who cringed, thinking the dog would bite him. However, it started licking the intruder and slobbering all over his face.

"AAAAH, GET IT OFF ME!!!" the beleaguered Aldrelm cried.

"No, that's not what I meant, you know what? Whatever…", Abinus said before unsummoning the Dark Dog. "Come on, intruder, let's see what you got."

"I have a trail mix… Ahh, you mean spells! Try this one on!" Aldrelm said before chanting: "habadi habada habababababababababu".

Suddenly, a pair of pants that were at least three sizes too small appeared on Abinus.

"What a puny trick. That one really sucks, why do they even teach it?" Abinus said after looking at the pants.

"Hmm, what about this?" Aldrelm said before intoning: "habadi habada hababababababu".

A pair of even smaller pants appeared on top of the ones already summoned.

"OWW, that hurts!!!" Abinus shouted before tearing them off. "How about this?" he asked Aldrelm before chanting "bobbus chobbus flobobobus!!!"

An angry brown bear from the Siberian plains appeared and then, after a few seconds, fell asleep. It was winter, after all.

"What?!?, the book said it would be awake! I gotta return that thing!" Abinus said.

A few seconds later, the bear disappeared and Aldrelm prepared his next attack, an extremely ancient and renowned tactic called Running Away. He knew that Abinus was too strong for him to beat alone, so he bolted out of the room and started running up the stairs.

"Wait, come back! You can't just run away like that!!!" the enraged Abinus shouted as he started chasing his foe.

However, Aldrelm was faster than him and managed to get into the library and find a telephone. Frantically, he hit the numbers 9-1-1 and waited for the police to respond. After a few seconds, he heard a calm, slightly bored voice on the other end:

"Yes, why did you call the Dallas Police Department?"

"Send someone here fast, there's an evil wizard trying to kill me!!!" Aldrelm responded.

The person on the other end said in a languid voice: "And what's your address, mister?"

"I'm at the Mage School. Come quick!"

"OK, we'll send the SWAT team over after they finish trapping that dragon that wrecked the Walmart downtown."

"This is very urgent, please send someone here NOW!!!"

"Fine, I'll call them right away."

After slamming down the receiver, Aldrelm ran behind some bookshelves and waited for the police to come. However, Abinus found him first.

"Hello, there", the evil wizard said, "I hope I'm not late for the party! Until now, I've been going easy. Now, let's fight!"

Abinus summoned four Dark Hounds, which started closing in on Aldrelm. The former hit them with Stun, a basic spell which stuns the opponent based on your skill level. Aldrelm, who mastered this spell, was able to stun the Dark Hounds for thirty seconds, and in this time, he climbed up on a bookshelf and grabbed a broom from the wall.

"What a cheap trick, my Dark Hounds will get you even up there!" the evil wizard said.

Aldrelm made no response, but prepared his broomstick to whack the Dark Hounds while they were climbing up the bookshelf. The Dark Hounds came awake a few seconds later and started slobbering at the chance for a meal.

"A pretty good one, too!" Aldrelm thought before bracing for the wolves.

The SWAT never made it to the school in time. When they eventually got there, they saw a gigantic crater in the ground and most of the school building demolished.

Abinus was about to command his Dark Hounds to attack when he heard a loud noise outside. He and Aldrelm saw an SUV careening into the parking lot, the same car that Aldrelm saw that morning. After it slid into a parking space, four men stepped out.

One had thick armor made from what looked like black, polished steel with dark green outlines. He opened the trunk and retrieved a gigantic golden sword. Aldrelm had no idea what sort of push-ups this guy did, but by the way he swaggered towards the door and carried that huge sword, he knew this guy was not to be messed with.

Another was wearing some black armor with red outlines and carried an axe in one hand and a curved dagger in the other. His face was covered with scars, and he also swaggered as he walked towards the door.

One of the other men wore armor that looked like the first man's (who was almost at the door by now), however, he carried a dark red orb and a dagger like the second man's.

Finally, the fourth man, wearing black armor with blue outlines, went to the trunk of the car and retrieved a bow. He trailed in the back and closed the trunk of the car as the first man entered.

Abinus shouted, "Who are you?!?" at the intruders. The first man slammed the door open (it fell off its hinges) and said in the deepest voice Aldrelm had ever heard, "We are the Sapphire Brotherhood. We have come to rid the world of you and your wicked schemes."

"So it has come to this, eh? You killed my most talented student, but your journey ends here! Attack him, hounds!" the wizard said.

One of the Dark Hounds attacked the man with the huge golden sword. As it jumped towards him, he backhanded it so hard it flew out the window. The man with the axe threw it towards the stunned hound, the archer shot three arrows in quick succession, and, soon, the hound was dead.

"You took one of them down, but that won't be enough! I can quickly revive any one of my hounds!" the wizard shouted triumphantly.

The archer shot at him, but his arrow bounced off an invisible barrier. "We need to take down that guy's barrier!" he said.

A few minutes later, the Sapphire Brotherhood was fighting the hounds, who were reviving every few seconds. Then, Aldrelm, who was still on top of the bookcase, had an idea. If all the hounds were dead, the barrier might give way!

Just as he had that idea, Abinus shouted, "Perfect offense and defense, I am INVINCIBLE!"

"No, you're not!" Aldrelm thought. Just as all the hounds were in one place, ready to attack the man with the golden sword again, he stunned them and shouted, "Kill them all at the same time!" The warriors understood, and soon there were no hounds left.

"Oh, you managed to take down my barrier? How about a taste of THIS!" the madman said. Then, he summoned the bear again. This time it was awake, and attacked the warriors with a hungry ferocity. However, it too fell to the arrows and blades of the Sapphire Brotherhood.

"You have forced me to use my ultimate technique. The process is irreversible, but I'll be stronger than a dragon now!" Abinus said.

Suddenly, he started levitating and chanting some dark spell. The bodies of the Dark Hounds levitated towards him, and he merged with them. A gigantic explosion and flash of light momentarily blinds everyone in the room, then the "Ultimate Technique" was revealed. A gigantic Dark Hound stood in the wrecked library. It howled and attacked. However, it was no match for the Sapphire Brotherhood. After a few minutes, the Dark Hound was almost defeated. Suddenly, a flash of lightning appeared and killed the gigantic hound. A dry, gravelly voice came from nowhere and said, "You have failed me, servant. Now, you will be forgotten for all time. Adventurers, though you have defeated this weakling, you will never defeat ME!"

"Who was that?" Aldrelm asked after the lightning disappeared. However, there was no one to answer him, as the Sapphire Brotherhood already got in their car and were leaving.

A while later, the headmaster of the school came out, saw the destruction, and saw Aldrelm. He asked him if he had slain the foul beast which had caused all this destruction, and Aldrelm said he helped. Then, Aldrelm was awarded a medal and sent back home. He got in his car and started drifting in the school parking lot to celebrate the occasion. Then, the SWAT finally showed up and arrested him for drifting.

THE END (for now)