Sensory Images in Vir and Nin

Sensory Images in Vir and Nin

Locations: Vir and Nin, Croatia
Season: Summer

The statue of Branimir, a ninth-century king of Croatia, outside the city of Nin;
The coral on the bottom of the sea at the beach in Vir;
The ancient Venetian towers near the beach.

The squawking of seagulls in the air at the beach;
The gasps of astonishment at the smallest church in the world, outside Nin;
The splosh of a rock hitting the water as I tried to skip it.

The fresh grass growing in a field near the church outside Nin;
The stagnant water I found in a water bottle which had been sitting in the car for a week.

The abrasive rock I threw into the water at the beach;
The rough bark of the pine trees growing NEXT TO THE BEACH in Vir.

Show Not Tell:
Staring at the miniature church on the hill near Nin, the hill is actually an ancient barrow;
Grinning as I threw the rock into the water.