Sensory Images in Hoia Forest

Sensory Images in Hoia Forest

Place: Hoia Forest

Season: Early Summer


The majestic pine and oak trees standing on the hilltops;
The lilliputian mushrooms hiding under leaves;
The green grass growing in the circular meadows.


The rustling of leaves in the slight summer breeze;
The crackling of footsteps on twigs and underbrush;
The chirping of sparrows and other small birds in the branches.


The sweet scent of pine sap;
The putrid odor of sheep refuse.


The rough bark of the ancient oaks;
The spiny pine needles.


The not-cold, stale water in the trunk of the car;
The slightly-colder, slightly less stale water in the backpack, which was also in the car.

Show Not Tell:

Me sprinting towards the car after hearing sheep and dogs over the hillside;
Collapsing after reaching the car, breathing heavily with sore legs.