Sensory Images

Sensory Images

Place: Cluj

Season of the year: Early Summer


The bright sun glinting off the Chios Lake like gold in a dragon's den.
The dragon boats slowly winding their way up and down Lake Chios.
The massive juicy crêpe being covered in a layer of Nutella.


The paddle underneath our boat splashing the water with a dull raw meat slapping sound (don't ask how I know how that sounds like).
The quaking of the mommy duck as it herded its ducklings.
The sizzling of fresh crêpe batter on a frying pan.


The delicious chocolate scent rising into the air from my freshly baked crêpe.
The sewer odor emitting from some algae in the pond.


The smooth wrap holding all the ingredients of my crêpe.  
The rough slightly charred bottom of the pizza slice.


The crunchy baked dough of freshly made pizza.
The delightful chocolate taste of my crêpe.

Show not Tell

Sprinting into the nearest pizza bakery and ordering a slice.
Reverently approaching the Church of St. Michael.