Send and Fotch Book Summary

Send and Fotch Book Summary

A girl named Nanny and her family are sitting in their living room looking at a magazine which they call the Send and Fotch Book. Nanny sees one of her favorite dresses for sale, but cannot buy it since her family is poor. She tells her dad that she wants to buy it, but he informs her that they cannot afford it. In the middle of the night she takes the magazine and meditates over the price: $1.25.

The next day Nanny and her two siblings are working in the fields when her enemy, Mary, passes by her field. Mary was dressed in the finest clothes that money could buy. She tells Nanny that she is going to a public party with the Governor and that anyone could come!

Part 2

Nanny goes outside and sees two men arguing over her pig. One of the men says that it is his and tries taking it, but Nanny intervenes. She informs them that they could buy the pig, so the one who tried stealing it pays 5 dollars for it.

When Nanny arrives home she notices an item on the list that she had never seen before. She sees an ad for a magnifying glass that has a label written under it that says that it helps old people see better. Instead of buying herself a dress she buys her father a magnifying glass so that he can read because he could not see very well.  

Part 3

When the children go to the party with the Governor, he tells Nanny that she has the nicest dress at the party. She asks him why does he think that, and he tells her that it is the nicest dress because it was homemade, and that it was part of Kentucky tradition.

Even her rival says that it looked excellent. Nanny is pleased that she did not buy her dress and that she helped her father see well again.