Romeo and Juliet Plot

Romeo and Juliet Plot
Photo by Maksym Harbar / Unsplash

Exposition: Two families are in a feud. They are fighting when the governor arrives on the scene and tells them that if they continue, they will be put to death. A boy from one of the families (named Romeo) is very sad that he lost his girlfriend. His friend invites him to go to the other family's feast to find another girlfriend.

Rising Action: Romeo and his friends go to the other family's party and Romeo sees Juliet, with whom he instantly falls in love. After the party, he goes to her garden and tells her that he wants to marry her. She says that she wants that too and they should get married the next day if possible. Romeo goes to the friar and asks him to marry them. He agrees and Romeo and Juliet get married. After that, Romeo's friend gets killed by Tybalt and Romeo kills Tybalt. Romeo gets exiled and goes to a different city called Mantua. Capulet lets a man named Paris marry Juliet, but she does not want to and would rather commit suicide than marry Paris. The friar gives her a potion that makes her look dead and wait in a tomb for her husband to come and take her to Mantua.

Climax: Juliet drinks the potion and goes to sleep, people think she is dead and entomb her. Romeo hears of Juliet's death and buys poison to drink in her tomb. When he gets there, he kills Paris and drinks the poison in the tomb. Juliet wakes up and kills herself with Romeo's knife.

Falling Action: Capulet and Montague become friends, the governor does not execute them because they have already been punished in their loved ones dying.

Conclusion: Everyone lives sadly ever after.