Roman Public School

Roman Public School

In the Roman society education had three different levels called Primary School, Grammar School, and Rhetorical school.

Primary School

Primary school started when children were seven years old. These kids would go to school at the crack of dawn. If they failed a quiz, or they could not memorize something they would be beaten up by the teacher. Much of the school time the teachers would instruct children in Latin and Greek so that later in life they would be able to compare Roman and Greek poetry and writing.

Grammar School

Grammar school was where Roman kids went after they turned ten. In this school, children would read Greek and Roman poetry. They would also learn the basics of writing and of public speaking. Most classes were poems that had some moral lessons in them read by a teacher.

Rhetorical School

When teenagers turned twenty years old they could either choose to join the army, carry on their father's trade, or go to Rhetorical School. Rhetorical school taught them how to become a politician or a lawyer. Usually, this school would teach young people how to speak to the public masses in a way that drew them towards the speaker and made them vote for and follow him.