Reptile Camouflage

Reptile Camouflage

Not all reptiles are big and strong enough to defend themselves, so they survive using camouflage. These reptiles have adapted to become almost invisible in their habitats.

One example of a reptile that uses camouflage is the lizard known as the Phelsuma. This small lizard lives in palm trees. When in on one of these trees, it is almost invisible. It is colored with the same shade of green as the vibrant leaves of its home.


Another example of a reptile that camouflages is the lizard known as the Dragon Lizard. It lives in deserts and can barely be spotted because it is a shade of very light brown. It sits on dead tree limbs so that it blends into its environment.

Dragon Lizard

Another reptile that is well known for its camouflage is called the chameleon. It can change color whenever it wants to hide from a predator. These chameleons also use their color changing ability to sneak up on prey.

Leaf Chameleon