Rainforest Adaptations

Rainforest Adaptations

Rainforests are the perfect environment for many animals to thrive because of the abundance of food, water, and warm temperatures that can be found there.

Some animals that live in rainforests, such as jaguars and other predators, do not grow so large since these forests are full of trees and cannot accommodate large animals such as elephants or lions. Panthers with their black fur can almost disappear in the shade.

Spider Monkeys use their tails like a third hand while swinging in the canopy. They live on the top of the trees, where they find food without competition.  

Some frogs called poison dart frogs are a bright color to show that they are very dangerous and that they should not be approached, but others which are not poisonous scare off any potential predators with their similar appearance.

Anacondas grow very long, from twenty to thirty feet, and slither on the ground in the underbrush, thus making them more efficient at catching prey without being seen by any predators that could kill them.

Some animals are nocturnal (fox bats), some have sharp beaks with which they crack nuts (toucans), and others become nearly invisible by moving very slowly (sloths).