Prepositions are another building block of language. They are used to describe a relationship between words.

Simple Prepositions

Simple prepositions are the most common type. There are around 100 of these in English, but these are the most common: as, at, by, for, of, about, between, into, like, onto, since, than, through, with, within, and without.

  • Opposite prepositions:
    •  before or after
    • inside or outside
    • off or on
    • over or under
    • up or down
  • Spatial prepositions:
    • aboard, across, amid, among, around, atop
    • behind, beneath, beside, beyond
    • near, over, round, upon
  • Time prepositions:
    • after
    • before 
    • during
    • till
    • until

Complex Prepositions

For example: in addition to, such as, thanks to, in between.

Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases add meaning to

  • verbs. For example: "The troll lived under the bridge."
  • nouns. For example: "The troll aboard the ship scoffed at his ditch-dwelling brother"

Deverbal Prepositions

  • according (to)
  • allowing (for)
  • barring
  • concerning
  • counting
  • excepting
  • excluding
  • failing
  • following
  • given
  • gone
  • granted
  • including
  • owing (to)
  • pertaining (to)
  • regarding
  • respecting
  • saving
  • touching
  • wanting