Poisonous Frogs

Poisonous Frogs

Poisonous frogs are different from other frogs because they have brightly colored skin so that they can warn enemies of their deadliness, instead of having a color of the skin that makes them blend into their environment.

One example of a poisonous frog is a Poison Dart Frog. This frog lives in central and South America. The image shown above is that of a Poison Dart Frog. This frog has a poison so potent that it is used in some strong painkillers.

Another frog that can kill you in a matter of seconds is the Phantasmal Poison Frog. This frog has a red skin tone with some white stripes. It can be only found in Ecuador, and can carry enough poison to kill an adult person.

The Granular Poison Frog is one of the most poisonous frogs of the world. It can be found in Costa Rica and Panama. They lay their eggs in low-lying plants rather than in trees like the other frogs in that area.

These are but three examples of the two hundred and twenty poisonous frog species in the world.