Appositive, Gerund, And Prepositional Phrases

Appositive, Gerund, And Prepositional Phrases

Phrases are groups of words that are used in sentences to describe a concept. One example of a phrase in a sentence is:

The Bald Eagle, the American national animal, is a fast flier.

This is an example of an Appositive Phrase which restates the main noun, in this case Bald Eagle, as the American national animal.

A Gerund Phrase is a phrase that contains a gerund, any verb with “ing” at the end. An example of Gerund Phrase is:

Watching the game, I ran over to my friends. 

“Watching the game” is the Gerund Phrase, “Watching” being the gerund.

A Prepositional Phrase begins with a preposition (aboard, above, across, after, against). An example of a Prepositional Phrase is:

Bill had found the treasure against all odds.

“Against all odds.” is the Prepositional Phrase, “Against” being the preposition.