Types of Bird Migration

Types of Bird Migration

Migration is the movement of birds from one place to another place to find food and nesting locations. There are a few types of migratory birds called Permanent residents, short-distance migrants, medium-distance migrants, and long-distance migrants.

Permanent residents are the birds that never move from their location because they have everything they need all the year round. One bird that is a permanent resident is the sparrow.


Short-distance migrants are birds that migrate short distances to find the food they require. A type of short-distance flight might mean from a high altitude to a lower one on a mountain-side. One bird that migrates short distances is the quail.


Medium-distance migrants are birds that fly longer distances, such as a few hundred miles. One such bird is the Blue Jay.

Blue Jay

Long-distance migrants typically move from Canada or the USA to Central or South Africa. There are over three hundred and sixty different species in the USA (out of 650) that migrate long distances, one being the Warbler.