Mesopotamian Timeline

Mesopotamian Timeline
Photo by Lei Mu / Unsplash

5000 B.C. The first towns are formed in Mesopotamia.

4000 B.C. The Mesopotamians establish large cities and build ziggurats.

3500 B.C. The citie-states Ur, Uruk, Eridu, Lagash, and Nippur are built.

3300 B.C. The Mesopotamians invented the first form of writing: Cuneiform writing.

3200 B.C. The Mesopotamians invented the wheel and put it on vehicles.

3000 B.C. The Mesopotamians discovered math and began to implement it in accounting.

2700 B.C. King Gilgamesh ruled the city-state of Ur.

2400 B.C. The language of the Mesopotamians is changed.

2330 B.C. Sargon I conquers all the city-states and unites them.

2250 B.C. King Naram-Sin enlarges the Mesopotamian empire, he would rule for 50 years.

2100 B.C. After the empire crumbles another city-state gains power.

2000 B.C. The Elamites capture Ur.