Medieval Weapons

Medieval Weapons

Soldiers in the medieval times used an assortment of weapons that could hack, slash, and bludgeon.

The Falchion

The falchion was a sword that was one of the most common blades that you could buy as a medieval soldier. It was made from farmer's tools that had been melted down and re-cast into the shape of a sword. They had one sharp edge, and were very cheap to produce.  


The Flail

The flail was a pole with a chain and a small round ball attached to the end of it that could be flailed at and enemy's head. It could break an enemies' skull if aimed, and handled correctly. Some flails like the one in the image below had spikes on them to penetrate armor

The Longsword

Longswords were a double-handed variety of a sword that a knight used for long ranged combat. These swords were heavy and double-edged. They would be used on ground, and not on horseback because they were too heavy to swing.