Mayan Art

Mayan Art

The Mayans created many forms of art such as: pyramids, sculptures, ceramics, etc.

The art that Mayans made are usually found in pyramids, temples, palaces, and sculptures. One of the most famous type of sculpture is the Stela which is a large stone slab with various carvings on it. The largest Stela, Stela of Quirigua, weighs 65 tons and is 34 feet tall.

The Mayans are also known for their carvings in wood and jade. Even though only a few wood carvings still remain, scientists believe that these carvings were very popular pieces of art.


The Maya painted pictures on the walls of their buildings, including their houses, temples, and public structures. Many of these paintings were depictions of daily life, mythology, battles, and religious ceremonies.

Some other types of art include weaving and feather-working, writing, and ceramics. Unlike artists froms different countries, Maya artists signed their work.