Some Info About Lightning

Some Info About Lightning

Lightning is a wonderful phenomenon that happens during thunderstorms. It is a powerful blast of electricity that can be both fantastic and dangerous. Knowing the right things about this can ensure that you are safe during thunderstorms.

Lightning results from a large amount of static electricity between the ground and the clouds. Lightning is created by ice particles, super cooled water droplets, and updrafts in the thunderstorm clouds. As all these interact, the positive and negative charges are separated from each other and eventually this results into a discharge of lightning inside the clouds.

The lightning that forms between the clouds and the ground occurs when there is friction between the two, thus causing static electricity to form and rocket down towards the earth.

Here are a few steps to staying safe during thunderstorms:

  1. Seek shelter
  2. Avoid open areas
  3. Stay indoors
  4. Unplug electronics so that they do not break if lightning strikes close by. When lightning strikes nearby and your devices are plugged in, the powerful surge of electricity can cause the battery of your device to overload and thus break.
  5. Wait for the storm to end to go outside
  6. Stay informed about the weather