Jerry & Bob's Adventure to Mars

Jerry & Bob's Adventure to Mars

By Paul Negrean

Jerry and Bob were two alien space hikers who were roommates in the White House. Jerry looks like a puddle of orange juice, and Bob looks like a Cube… with a human-like smiley face. They lived in a small closet somewhere in the attic of the White House. Nobody knew that they were there, and nobody cleans the mess in the attic.

One day, Jerry was bored, so he and Bob decided to go to the planet Mars. They had two objectives,  1. Get a spaceship 2. Go to Mars and try to find Jerry's parents. Jerry thought his parents were on the red planet because his first memory was of himself floating away from Mars.

Jerry had always wanted to find his parents but he had failed at every attempt. The last time he tried, he and his BFF, Bob, almost died in a black hole, so they decided to go to all the planets in the universe and stay away from dead stars. He had to watch out because his worst enemy Sir Chilly Milly was chasing them in his taco spaceship trying to get them and throw them in a trash can in California, planet Earth.

Sir Chilly Milly

The first step to getting into space was finding a spaceship, but that in itself was a difficult task. First, Jerry and Bob went to SpaceX and… they climbed to the top of a spaceship that they hoped was going to Mars and waited to get to their destination.

It took them about one minute to figure out that the spaceship was going too fast and that it would crash into Mars, which was right ahead of them! When the inevitable happened and they crashed, they saw their worst enemy landing next to their wreck. He was standing there with a laser sword in his hand and with that horrible grin on his face, Sir Chilly Milly approached Jerry and shouted, “the battle has consummated, as Belmont once said.” Then suddenly the taco dog was knocked out and Jerry's mom was behind his prone form, frying pan in hand, “you're late to dinner Jerry!”

Jerry had finally found his parents and had been invited to dinner at the same time, his life was about to get better and better.