Three Facts About Japan's Geography

Three Facts About Japan's Geography
A once active volcano in Japan, Mt. Fuji. 
Japan's location on the Fire Rim of the Pacific

This image shows that Japan is on the Fire Rim of the Pacific. This is a place where many earthquakes and tsunamis happen from the collisions or movements of two or more tectonic plates. Because of this imminent danger, Japanese architects have designed buildings that can withstand tsunamis and sway along with an earthquake, reducing the damage.

Japanese seasons

In Japan, because of its location on the map, they have all the seasons. In winter, snow falls on the ground and covers everything in white, and in summer, there is heat and warmth rivaling that of Florida. In the image above, the different seasons of the year in Japan are illustrated.

map of Japanese resources

Japan has many resources, one of the staples being rice. This plant can be grown in abundance on this island. Copper and coal can also be found here, and there is an abundance of fish in the seas around the island.