How to Use MLA Style

How to Use MLA Style

MLA style is commonly used to cite works by other authors. For example, you are writing a paper on foxes, and you find a book that you want to cite (a.k.a. use a quote or an idea from the book in your paper).

At the end of your paper, you need to list all the works cited (otherwise it's counted as plagiarism). There are nine items you have to write, followed by the proper punctuation.

These nine items are:

  1. Author.
  2. Title of Source.
  3. Title of container (e.g., web page),
  4. Other contributors,
  5. Version,
  6. Number,
  7. Publisher,
  8. Publication Date,
  9. Location (e.g., the page of the book).

For example, a proper MLA citation would look something like this (all names are fictional):

Richards, Jim (the last name before the first). An Example Book on Foxes. (In this case, the title of the container is empty) John Bob Publishing, 2020, pp. 391-403.

So, it would look like this:

Richards, Jim. An Example Book on Foxes. John Bob Publishing, 2020, pp.391-403.

Now, let's say that you are citing a web page. The MLA citation would look like this:

Richards, Jim. About Foxes. ExampleFoxWebsite, 10 Dec. 2020, (there is nothing at the given link)