How Santa Claus Found The Poor House

How Santa Claus Found The Poor House

The Plot

A boy named Gobaly was shoveling snow on Christmas Eve.  He was one of the inhabitants of “Poor House,” which was where poor people lived. The owner of this place, Mrs. Pynchum, was seldom in a good mood, which meant that the inhabitants did not celebrate Christmas.

Rising Action
Methuselah, Gobaly's young friend, asks him if Santa Claus is real, and if he will come to the poor house. The older boy tells him that Santa may be too proud to give them presents.

A cart comes blazing down the road and hits a dog, breaking its leg. Gobaly goes to the downed animal, and takes it to their shed. The boy remembers that there was a basket in the poor animal's mouth, so he goes to see what is in it. To Gobaly's surprise, it belonged to a doctor that had come to town named Dr. Carruthers.

After seeing this name tag, he takes the poor animal to the doctor. This kind-hearted Gentleman wants to hire the boy but Gobaly does not accept because he does not want to abandon Methuselah.

Falling action & Resolution
The doctor says that he will also hire Methuselah, so Gobaly accepts.