How Different Birds Move

How Different Birds Move

When you think of a bird, your mind most likely pictures an eagle gliding high in the air or a hummingbird hovering while taking its fill of nectar from a flower. All the species of birds move in different ways, whether it be gliding, running, hovering, or swimming, they all have a way of moving around.

Hummingbirds use their small and rapid wings to hover in the air near flowers so that they can eat their fill of nectar.


Ducks swim using their webbed feet. They live most of their lives in the water, hence the webbed feet.


Ostriches have powerful and long legs that help them outrun anything that tries to attack them. They are the fastest land birds and have that rank because of their legs. They use their wings as “sails” to help them move faster when running against the wind.


Hawks and eagles are some of the fastest animals in the world. They rely on their wings to carry them through the air.