Indus Artifacts

Indus Artifacts

Many artifacts have been found in the cities in the Indus Valley. Most of these were handcrafted by the Harappans who lived in the biggest Indus Valley city called Harappa.

Many tablets  have been found  that are thought to be passports. They have a unicorn, bull, or tiger image on them.  Archeologists have also found terracotta figurines of men, women, fish, birds, dogs, etc.

Harappan unicorn seal.

Some of the most abundant artifacts are pots made from clay that  have patterns on them. This is a recreation of the original made by a master potter.                                                                                                ☟

Pot with patterns

The Harappans also made jewelry out of gold that were bought for women as gifts. All of these were made by jewelers who were most of the population.

The Indus people, instead of slaughtering the nearby hunter-gatherers like many other nations after them did, traded with them instead. The Indus people used the hunter-gatherers to deliver items to other ancient cities.