Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet have been created so that you can walk, type, write, drink, and eat.

Hands were created for you to be able to grasp, to hold, and to pick up things. In order to move a bit of food to your mouth you use over 30 joints and 50 muscles. Thumbs make nearly every function of the hand possible. Your hands have the ability to pick up items as small as pins and as big as pumkins, they are very complex. Your hands have a greater concentraition of nerves and more joints than anyware in your body.

Your feet are very useful since you can walk,  jump, and run using them. Your feet were created sensitive so that you could feel the rough terrain under them and get adapted to it. Feet support the weight of our bodies, they help us to keep our balance. They were made tough so that we could safely navigate our world.

Both our hands and feet were created with ridged skin called friction skin so that we could grip and walk. Also both fingers and toes have nails so thet they are protected when we bump the against something.

God made us all special, and he made each and every one of us are unique.

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How to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy
Hands and feet are very important because you can do many useful things with them. You need feet for walking and hands for typing, for instance. These are some ways to keep hands and feet healthy: 1: Look for black spots on your fingernails. If there are any, you should