Gulliver's Travels Characters

Gulliver's Travels Characters

Part 1


Gulliver is a respectable Englishman who was shipwrecked on the island of Liliput. The inhabitants think he is a giant because they are minuscule. He is tied up and imprisoned by them. The Lilliputian emperor makes him sign a contract that makes the Englishman his servant.s

Gulliver is gracious because he allowed some Liliputian children to play hide and seek in his hair.

Gulliver swims to the armada of the Blefuscu people and carries it away. They are so sad at their loss that they send a petition for mercy to the Liliputian Emperor. Gulliver is compassionate because he forbids the emperor of the Lilliputians to enslave the Blefuscuians. He says that it would not sit well with his conscience to enslave a free people.  

Gullivers sees that the princesses room is on fire. So he does what any other giant would do, he peed on the fire and extinguished it. He is smart and finds a creative way to solve the problem at hand.  

Gulliver is infuriated by the Giant Prince because he tells him that the nation of the Brobdingnags was more powerful than the nation of England and threatens him until the boy starts crying. This action shows that Gulliver is arrogant and that he thinks he and all of his countrymen are above everybody else.

The Liliputian Emperor

The Lilliputian emperor is the ruler of the small island of Liliput. Every one of the Lilliputians is forced by him to crack their eggs' bottom side instead of the top side. He killed the Lilliputians who did not obey his rule. This shows that he was a cruel tyrant.  

This tyrant wants to enslave the populations of the island Blefuscu so that he could rule the world. His plans are thwarted by Gulliver who convinced all of his nobles to do the right thing and not enslave their enemies.

The Lilliputian emperor wants to kill Guliver by shooting his head with poisoned arrows, this is another example of how cruel the ruler is. He tries to do this because he thinks that Gulliver wants to usurp his throne with fame thus showing his pride and envy.


These minuscule people serve the Emperor and only him. They are in a war with the Blefuscu people. The reason these two countries are at war is that one side cracks their eggs only at the bottom and the others only at the top. Their conflicts are petty.

The Lilliputian Noble

The Noble saves Gulliver from death by telling him about how the emperor wants to kill him. Even though this was counted as treason and the noble could lose his head, the man did what was right.

The Bigendian King

This king is the king of the Bigendian nation. Instead of being cruel like the Lilliputian king he is welcoming and asks Gulliver if he wants to visit his kingdom. This is an act of hospitality towards the Englishman.

Part 2

The Giantess

The queen of the land of Brobdingnags buys Gulliver from a farmer that had captured him.  Gulliver who is kept in a cage is fed by the giantess many cakes and is gifted to the queen's son. She treated Gulliver as if he were a pet.

The Giant Prince  

This prince, the son of the giantess, uses Gulliver as a toy and flops him around like a ragdoll. He saves the Englishman from a hoard of angry wasps so that he can continue to play with him. His behavior shows that he is selfish and self-absorbed.

The Brobdingnags

These giant people are the subjects of the Brobdingnan queen. They treat other people which are tinier than them like pets and put them in boxes. One example of their kindness is when the Queen fed Gulliver what he wanted and when the king forgave the Englishman for threatening the prince.

(To Be Continued)