Fragments and Run-ons (The Basics)

Fragments and Run-ons (The Basics)
Fragmented glass, just like your sentences if you don't fix them!

Fragments and run-ons are two sentence errors that can make writing difficult to understand.

A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence that is a dependent clause. An example of a sentence fragment is:

When the man was in the store.

A way to fix this sentence is to add another clause to it:

When the man was in the store, his dog waited outside.

A run-on sentence is a sentence that contains two or more independent clauses that are not separated correctly. An example of a run-on sentence is:

I really like pizza it is yummy

A way to fix this is to use punctuation like semicolons and periods:

I really like pizza. It is yummy!


I really like pizza; it is yummy.