Food Chains

Food Chains

Food chains are the simplified version of food webs. In a food chain, there are four different classes called the producer, first order consumer, second order consumer, and bacteria.

The producer, much like in the food web, is a plant. It has this unique name because it produces its own food and because it produces power that it transmits to animals when it is eaten. An example of a producer is a cherry tree.

Cherry Blossoms

The first order consumer is usually an animal that eats only plants or that sometimes eats plants. Some examples of this animal are zebras, antelopes, and horses.


The second order consumer is an animal that eats meat. These beasts attack, corner, and kill first order consumers for food. Some examples of these animals are cats, dogs, and birds.


The bacteria are organisms that break down dead bodies. When an animal dies the bacteria decomposes the remains and creates nutrients out of it. It works with the soil to grow new trees. An example of bacteria is Pseudomonas Syringae.

Pseudomonas Syringae