Mayan Pyramids

Mayan Pyramids

The Mayans are a well-known civilization that is talked about all over the world. They built giant pyramids that can be found standing tall and proud. These giant pyramids were built to be used as altars, burial chambers, and as astrological instruments.

Mayan pyramids are all shaped similarly, but pyramids constructed by different cultures each have their own characteristics. The Mayan version of the pyramid is shorter than the ones in Egypt, and experts believe that this was to leave room for a temple on the top.

Not all Mayan pyramids are constructed alike. The ancient Mayans built two types of pyramids: some to use for sacrificial rituals, and some were made to remain untouched. The sacrificial pyramids had staircases leading to their tops, which were flat and held altars for their "gods". The pyramids that were not sacrificial were just monuments in which important people got buried or were made to show the importance of astrological events such as the equinox and the solstice.

One of the biggest Mayan pyramids is the Pyramid of The Sun. It is not known who built this pyramid nor is it known for what purpose it was built, but from the name it leads me to believe it was a temple to the sun god of the Mayan nation. It was built about one thousand five hundred years ago and was made of some volcanic stone.

Mayan pyramids were used as altars, burial places, and were built to show the importance of astrological events. They were giant structures that show to us how architecturally advanced the ancient Mayans were.