Food Webs

Food Webs

Food webs consist of information that shows what different types of animals e.g., carnivores, eat.

In a food web, there are four different classes called producers, first order consumers, second order consumers, and third level consumers.


Producers are plants that are at the bottom of the food web, they are called producers because they produce their own food through photosynthesis. The plants are eaten by the animal which is the first order consumer. One example of a producer is grass which is eaten by gazelles.

First Order Consumers

First order consumers are animals that eat plants. Some types of animals that are first order consumers are herbivores and omnivores. Some examples of these are: gazelles, insects, etc.

Second Order Consumers

Second order consumers are animals that eat the first order consumers. Some examples of them are: lions, frogs, and bald eagles.

Third Order Consumers

Third order consumers are animals that eat the second order consumers. These animals are omnivores and carnivores. Two examples of them are: bears and wolves.