Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons are the biggest monitor lizards in the entire world. These reptiles were given the name "dragon" because of their sheer size and power.

Dragons eat mostly carrion, pigs, deer, cattle, etc. Sometimes they eat their own kind. These so-called dragons have mouths that are covered in a lethal poison so potent that it can kill a deer in a matter of minutes. After the poison takes effect, they track down their prey and eat until they are full.

Komodo dragons also like to play games; this was first discovered when a scientist at Smithsonian zoo put a bag, a pail, and a ball inside a dragon's cage. The lizard began playing and having fun with these objects. Scientists do not know why this dragon was playing, but I believe I have the answer, he was doing it to please God!

The largest Komodo dragon ever discovered was ten feet and two inches long, and it weighed three hundred and sixty-five pounds. In comparison, a gecko is a few centimeters long.

These giant lizards live on the islands named Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang. Their conservation status is endangered, which means that if all the before mentioned islands would sink into the ocean, then all the Dragons would disappear from the earth.