Bone Types

Bone Types

There are 4 types of bones in your body: long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones.

Long bones are the bones in your arms and in your legs. They give you your height and hold most of your weight. Also, long bones are factories for blood cells.

The femur which is a long bone

Short bones are roughly cube-shaped. They give us dexterity and flexibility when we walk and work. They are located in the hands and wrists.

Flat bones are the shoulder blades, pelvis, ribs, etc... They protect all the vital organs in the human body. Some of the vitals they protect are the brain, heart, lungs, etc...

Pelvis, which is a flat bone.

The irregular bones are called so because of their unusual shapes. There are two irregular bones in the human body: the lower half of the skull and the spine.

Lower half of the skull