Ben's Last Journey to England

Ben's Last Journey to England

Benjamin Franklin was elected to go to England so that he could try to convince the government to let the colonies make their own rules, etc.

He had a very interesting journey to get there.

First, he needed to travel to New York so that he could catch a ship to England. Unluckily, the only ships available were also delivering packages and mail from the colonies to his destination.

One of the letters that it needed to carry was the General's letter, which was late in coming. Very late. More than three months late. Whenever someone came to meet the general, he was always sitting at his desk, but no letter came.

Then, the General had an even better idea. He would take all the packet-ships with him to a different city in the event that he would finish his letter.

Still, no letter issued forth from his door.

Eventually, the captain of the boat that Franklin was on got fed up and left anyways, and they got to England without any incidents, except for almost crashing into an island on the way.

(this is the last part of Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, he died before he could finish it)