Ben's Journey To Philadelphia

Ben's Journey To Philadelphia

After leaving his apprenticeship with his brother, Benjamin Franklin went to Philadelphia to get hired by a printer and hopefully start his own business there.

He used a boat to get from Boston to New York City, but on the way there, the boat crashed into a reef and started sinking. He got away and came to the city, where he was aghast to find out that, by the time he got to the port, the ship he had to be on had sailed off, and he needed to wait for Tuesday. It was Saturday.

Luckily, Ben found a small boat whose occupants wanted to go to the same destination as him, and they take him on board.

After a long time rowing, the occupants of the boat think that they might have passed their destination during the night, so they stop and continue the next day.

In the morning, their suspicion was confirmed, and they see Philadelphia on the horizon. Ben had arrived!